Soft Baby Chair Infant Bean Bag Bed cover without filler Pouf

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Soft Baby Chair Infant Bean Bag Bed cover without filler Pouf for Feeding Baby Snuggle Bed with Belt for Safety Protection
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Package Contents:
1x Infant Bean Bag(NO Fillings)

Technical Specifications:
Color: Orange / Pink / Cyan
Product name: Baby soft bed (beanbag)
Material: PVC, Canvas and so on.
Fillings/ Stuffings: No
Size: 70*50*40CM/27.5*19.7*15.7″

Features and Benefits:
The most comfortable portable sleeping setup ever! Not only do these bean bags wr a p around your child`s body, but they cradle them in a way that is impossible for other baby seats.

With a secure 3 point harness to help Bub stay in place, this bean bag is an essential item to have once you find out you will have a new addition to your household.

The special shape of the bean bag is designed to help prevent reflux and plagiocephaly (flat head). The ultim ate in comfort is just a bonus!
Easy to change seats
The interchangeable seats allow you to easily change the bean bag from a snuggle bed for newborns to a cozy bean bag for toddlers amd bigger children.

Easy to clean design
Thankfully, our bean bags are designed for real families with children who aren`t al ways neat and perfectly tidy. You can easily wipe them down or dab with a good fabric cleaner to get rid of stains and messes.

Makes a great gift
Your friends and family are going to be asking you about your baby bean bag, so why not give them as gifts too The perfect present for a new family member.