Optimal 4 Digit PCI and ISA PC Diagnostic Analyzer

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Optimal Shop 4 Digit PCI and ISA PC Computer Motherboard Power Diagnostic Analyzer Post Tester Card

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Product description
PCI and ISA 4 digit PCI analyzer:standard PCI and ISA interface,easy access to desktop PC.
Standard PCI and ISA interfaces for easy access to desktop PCS.4 digit display,the first 2 digits indicate the current error code,and the last 2 digits indicate the previous error code.
After power on self test,the card will quickly display the error code,the provided error code table allows you to easily understand the error details.
Compatible with all mainstream motherboards.Support code search function.
Support motherboard bus speed test.
Hexadecimal character display. Support 80H,84H,300H ports.In the test,press the S1 button for 1 second to start searching,press S1 half a second to start searching until the end,then press the S1 button again for 1 second to start searching,and then press S1 Search the previous error code in half a second until the end.
When searching downward, press and hold the S1 button for 1 second to start the bus speed test function. Support self test.
During the bus speed test,press the S1 button for 1 second to start the self test function,then press S1 to repeat once every half a second,and then press the S1 button for 1 second to return to the analysis state.
Supports AMI,Award, Phoenix and Tandy 300 BIOS.The S1 button can be used for multi-function operation.The speaker can use jumpers and cables.8 LED indicators can be used for +3.3V, +5V, + 12V, -12V, reset, frame, irdy, CLK.